Spring Running Season

As the spring running season approaches, I find myself perusing sites like Active.com in search for new races to run.  Since I was abroad last spring in Beijing, I missed out on the spring running season in DC.  While I believe that every race has its great qualities, I tend to lean more towards the fun/ engaging races. Unfortunatley, the descriptions on the running websites don’t exactly have a gigantic stamp across them saying “This Race Rocks”.  There must be an app for that somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet…

So, in the spirit of connecting with my fellow runners, I turn my race schedule over to you.  Do you have a fabulous race in the DC area that I absolutely HAVE to run?  Maybe it’s an annual tradition for you and friends and you know that I would be pumped about the energy surrounding the race.  Maybe it’s a themed race, and you’ve heard that people dress up (I love that kind of thing!), or maybe there’s the coolest running party in town at the finish line.  Whatever it is, I want to hear about it, and maybe you’ll see me on the start line with you this spring.

Run on runners, looking forward to hearing all of your race suggestions!



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