The Oatmeal’s take on Marathons

I’m a huge fan of dumb, sarcastic humor, so naturally The Oatmeal has huge appeal for me.  In true BylMiles form, their latest comic is centered around marathons, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic.  Check it out on their website here, with a sneak preview below.

As runners, it’s important to laugh at our own insanity sometimes, so hope this puts a smile on your face for your next race.


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As always run (and laugh) on runners.





Tickets are Booked!

It’s official, my flights for the Marine Corps 17.75 in DC are booked! It’s going to be one of the quickest running turnarounds of my life (in DC for roughly 24 hours, including the race), but it’ll be worth it.

I’m going to let you in on a little-known fact relating to this race, which eventually made the BylMiles Team decision to run it.  This year’s Marine Corps Marathon has officially switched to be a lottery entry.  Now, if you have ever experienced the stress of a lottery entry race before, you know that you would do just about anything to avoid it. ever. again.  Luckily, the MCM team created a little loophole. This year’s 17.75 race in April is the one race that if you finish, guarantees you entry to the marathon in October.

BINGO! As someone who is running as part of a team, we wanted to ensure that we could run the marathon + get in together.  So, Marine Corps 17.75, here we come! The April countdown is officially on, then only a few more months after we cross that finish line until MCM round 3.

Seeing as my training is ramping up in anticipation for this race, wanted to share this awesome/totally true article from one of my favorite blogs: 25 things you learn when you train for a marathon. 

As always, run on runners.


Happy 2014 Runners!

I’m a little belated on my new years post, but to be honest, I was still struggling with my fitness goals and wanted to be sure of them before I put it officially out to the world.  This year, I went simple.  Two of my six goals for this year are fitness related.  Six goals may not seem like a lot, but if you break them down into the steps involved to get there, they are much larger than the short little lines in my notebook.  So, my fitness goals:

  1. Run another marathon
  2. Become a biker

Like I said, not exactly lofty, but not a walk in the park either.  You’ll remember that in 2013 (how weird is that…LAST YEAR) I ran the marine corps marathon with my dad in october.  Pardon my french, but as a refresher, it kicked my a**.  So, what better way to hop back on the horse than to sign up for the exact same race and get it done this year?  MCM 2014, here comes the Byl Miles team for Round 3, get ready.

So, #2, become a biker. If you’re a regular fan of #BylMiles you’ll know that my dad Michael is quite the biker extraordinaire.  Triathlons + 100 mile bike races are the norm for who we affectionately refer to as ‘Mile Man’.  He doesn’t know this yet, but my goal of becoming a biker in 2014 includes signing up for a future bike race with him.  (Surprise dad! More races to come!) But since I don’t own a bike, helmet, or have any sort of biking experience other than leisurely rides on the beach or sitting on the bike at the gym, this is going to be an undertaking…but one that I’m very much looking forward to.

There you have it folks, two goals to hold me to in 2014. What are your goals for 2014? Any new fellow bikers out there to join in with me?

As always, run (or bike) on runners.


P.S. I’m hoping you’ll see more of BylMiles posts this year as well, so feel free to prod me into keeping you updated on our progress!

Marine Corps Marathon Times Two

It’s official, the Byl Miles team is registered for the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon!  Despite the slowness of the website and the awkward timing of registration, my dad and I made the list, and just in time too!  Apparently this year’s registration was sold out the fastest in running history, at 2 hours and forty-one minutes.   Clearly the marathon madness has already begun.

The next step?  My new running schedule.  Currently in the middle of midterms, but as soon as I have it laid out, you can bet it will be on here, so stay tuned.  Also on my pre-marathon list of things to do is decide on our Byl Miles team outfits!  Last year we sported some pretty sweet and slightly ridiculous animals hats that I’m sure will make some sort of a reappearance.

My goal for this year’s marathon is to shave off some time, have fun and cross the finish line with a smile on my face.  Anyone else going to be there this year?  Can’t wait! As always, run on runners.


Spring Running Season

As the spring running season approaches, I find myself perusing sites like in search for new races to run.  Since I was abroad last spring in Beijing, I missed out on the spring running season in DC.  While I believe that every race has its great qualities, I tend to lean more towards the fun/ engaging races. Unfortunatley, the descriptions on the running websites don’t exactly have a gigantic stamp across them saying “This Race Rocks”.  There must be an app for that somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet…

So, in the spirit of connecting with my fellow runners, I turn my race schedule over to you.  Do you have a fabulous race in the DC area that I absolutely HAVE to run?  Maybe it’s an annual tradition for you and friends and you know that I would be pumped about the energy surrounding the race.  Maybe it’s a themed race, and you’ve heard that people dress up (I love that kind of thing!), or maybe there’s the coolest running party in town at the finish line.  Whatever it is, I want to hear about it, and maybe you’ll see me on the start line with you this spring.

Run on runners, looking forward to hearing all of your race suggestions!