Running imitates life

before the start, as before a birth
anticipation rules, its obvious girth
includes the prep and warm-up routine
with plans all made, strategy keen

the thing is hatched and off one steps
into the world to do the reps
adjustments galore as things arise
new experience and compromise

now trial and error rule the day
as one moves along and learns the way
occasional bumps but less severe
the runner learns to cope, not fear

into the midpoint, the only time
concern to finish enters the mind
but all that is gained helps push things through
to continue the quest and enjoy the view

now thoughts of finish, what happens next
enter the realm, put into context
just what this means in the scheme of things
just what we think it really brings

ahead to the finish, some fatigue for sure
feeling relief and elation so pure
not unlike the sense at the end of one’s days
some value was left, the memory stays

and this is the story of just how a run
imitates life when all’s said and done
from beginning to end a tale does arise
we all end up better and stronger and wise

Michael Byl


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