Sweet 16

Marine Corps Marathon, version 2013
my finest event of the year
with daughter astride, we ran side by side
carrying all of our gear

The parachutes did glide, bringing flags on their ride
To a start line of revel and cheer
Ka-boom went the gun, we started to run
smiling brightly with nary a fear

The course we both knew, this run we can do
It’s our second together you see
the fortunate one, for I get to run
with my daughter, just awesome for me

For 10K we ran according to plan
our happiness apparent to all
heading on to Rock Creek, relief she did seek
From a tummy casting a pall

Her courage ever strong as we strode along
discomfort fully now in control
game face she did don, as she soldiered on
no Marine with as strong a soul

On came the pace car, we had to keep par
to make the bridge and keep on our run
we hung for a while, but it did pass the Byls
the tummy now hurting a ton

Our group of support, mile sixteen they cavort
now the end point for us to arrive
that Kendall of strong, she did stroll along
the last mile we ran with revive

So although ten shy, it still was a high
to be cruising along with my girl
she’s all I could ask, in my love I do bask
for a daughter who’s really a pearl


Wildflower tri experience

Hello again readers.  A good friend of mine and excellent athlete just completed the Wildflower long course tri.  His post is below, worth reading on a number of levels as this is more of a ‘throwback’ race done in Woodstock fashion.  In addition to the excellent venue it boasts the only nude aid station I’m aware of in the racing world.  Hurry up now, space is limited….



Happy Hoofing