The Oatmeal’s take on Marathons

I’m a huge fan of dumb, sarcastic humor, so naturally The Oatmeal has huge appeal for me.  In true BylMiles form, their latest comic is centered around marathons, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic.  Check it out on their website here, with a sneak preview below.

As runners, it’s important to laugh at our own insanity sometimes, so hope this puts a smile on your face for your next race.


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.11.45 PM

As always run (and laugh) on runners.





Tickets are Booked!

It’s official, my flights for the Marine Corps 17.75 in DC are booked! It’s going to be one of the quickest running turnarounds of my life (in DC for roughly 24 hours, including the race), but it’ll be worth it.

I’m going to let you in on a little-known fact relating to this race, which eventually made the BylMiles Team decision to run it.  This year’s Marine Corps Marathon has officially switched to be a lottery entry.  Now, if you have ever experienced the stress of a lottery entry race before, you know that you would do just about anything to avoid it. ever. again.  Luckily, the MCM team created a little loophole. This year’s 17.75 race in April is the one race that if you finish, guarantees you entry to the marathon in October.

BINGO! As someone who is running as part of a team, we wanted to ensure that we could run the marathon + get in together.  So, Marine Corps 17.75, here we come! The April countdown is officially on, then only a few more months after we cross that finish line until MCM round 3.

Seeing as my training is ramping up in anticipation for this race, wanted to share this awesome/totally true article from one of my favorite blogs: 25 things you learn when you train for a marathon. 

As always, run on runners.


Happy 2014 Runners!

I’m a little belated on my new years post, but to be honest, I was still struggling with my fitness goals and wanted to be sure of them before I put it officially out to the world.  This year, I went simple.  Two of my six goals for this year are fitness related.  Six goals may not seem like a lot, but if you break them down into the steps involved to get there, they are much larger than the short little lines in my notebook.  So, my fitness goals:

  1. Run another marathon
  2. Become a biker

Like I said, not exactly lofty, but not a walk in the park either.  You’ll remember that in 2013 (how weird is that…LAST YEAR) I ran the marine corps marathon with my dad in october.  Pardon my french, but as a refresher, it kicked my a**.  So, what better way to hop back on the horse than to sign up for the exact same race and get it done this year?  MCM 2014, here comes the Byl Miles team for Round 3, get ready.

So, #2, become a biker. If you’re a regular fan of #BylMiles you’ll know that my dad Michael is quite the biker extraordinaire.  Triathlons + 100 mile bike races are the norm for who we affectionately refer to as ‘Mile Man’.  He doesn’t know this yet, but my goal of becoming a biker in 2014 includes signing up for a future bike race with him.  (Surprise dad! More races to come!) But since I don’t own a bike, helmet, or have any sort of biking experience other than leisurely rides on the beach or sitting on the bike at the gym, this is going to be an undertaking…but one that I’m very much looking forward to.

There you have it folks, two goals to hold me to in 2014. What are your goals for 2014? Any new fellow bikers out there to join in with me?

As always, run (or bike) on runners.


P.S. I’m hoping you’ll see more of BylMiles posts this year as well, so feel free to prod me into keeping you updated on our progress!

Zombies, Run!

In case you aren’t already aware, I’m a total technology nerd.  I’m constantly connected, and my runs are no different. Lately I’ve been sporting quite a few apps during my runs, including (but definitely not limited to) Spotify for music, Map My Run for GPS, Charity Miles, and the latest fun, Zombies, Run!

I’m definitely a sci-fi lover, so when I found this app that takes you through a post-apocalyptic zombie filled world on your runs, I almost died with excitement.  The basic premise is that you are ‘Runner 5’ who drops in to Able Township in the UK, where you have to complete missions to survive.  As you run, the characters in the game guide you through tasks, all while encouraging you to keep running, because you never know how many zombies (or enemies!) are on your tail.  There’s even a setting where every few minutes, you have to put on a burst of speed to escape a zombie horde! It’s epic.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.29.21 PM

Would highly recommend for my fellow runners that find yourself out on the same paths, getting bored with the scenery, and needing some extra motivation.  The game is great, and you don’t even have to sacrifice your music to play.  Want to join in on the apocalyptic fun?  Check out their iPhone app here.

As always, run on (faster than the zombies) runners.



My playlist current top 10

Right before the Marine Corps I did some revamping to my running playlist, because nothing gets me more pumped to run then some new jams. I don’t claim to be any sort of genius of music, so don’t judge. Here are my top 10 favs on my running playlist right now:

  1. Clarity by Zedd, Foxes
  2. Troublemaker by Olly Murs
  3. Can’t hold us by Macklemore
  4. Burn by Ellie Goulding
  5. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
  6. Cinema – Skrillex Remix
  7. American Girl by Bonnie McKee
  8. She wants to move by N.E.R.D.
  9. Check on it by Beyonce
  10. What the Hell by Avril Lavigne

Run on runners.


1 month, 16 days

As of today, we have exactly 1 month and 16 days until the big marathon day! If the amount of posts on here (aka minimal at best) is any indication, my training has been rough.  It’s now the final lap towards the finish and I’ve got to seriously buckle down and make this happen.

Between now and marathon day, I plan on running over 200 miles as part of my final training.   Thanks to MapMyRun, I have a goal tracker set up that sends me daily updates to keep me even more accountable in the last stretch.  My appreciation for the extra motivation cannot be understated, it’s a fantastic tool.

I’m not going to lie folks, this marathon is going to be an interesting one, but my faithful running partner, Michael, has promised to help me muscle through the finish line.  With work + training ramping up at the same time, we’ll see how busy my days get, but at this point, I’m just excited to get to DC! Not to be cheesy, but it’s the final countdown, so runners, run on with me.


Happy National Running Day!

To my fellow runners, happy national running day!  Today is a day to celebrate all of the victories, the races finished and the miles logged, but also to celebrate our defeats, because no matter what, runners keep on running.

With all of the craziness that has been my work schedule lately, I’m really looking forward to getting out on the road today and spending my time looking back on all that I’ve accomplished.  If you told me two years ago that I’d be a regular runner, I’d probably have laughed in your face.  Let’s be honest, I’m not a natural athlete, but I’m working on making it part of my daily life.  It hasn’t always been easy (see: this entire blog) but I keep pushing forward.

Hopefully you have a fantastic run scheduled for today, and while you’re out pounding the pavement, just think about all of the runners around the world who are joining you out on the roads/paths/trails.  Cheers for every mile that has ever been conquered and all of the miles to come!

As always (especially today) run on runners.



Bike Path Etiquette

As part of my running path exploration, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time on a trail that leads along a canal in LA..  It’s everything you could hope for in a run/bike path: it has dividing lines, scenery, pretty flowers along the trail, multiple entrances, and of course the ending at the beach.  However, I’ve noticed that my fellow canal path goers aren’t following what I consider to be the basic etiquette for any sort of shared bike/path/walkway.  A few incidents on yesterday’s run have led me to compile the below list of path etiquette rules to keep in mind.

Here are my fundamental etiquette rules for shared roadway:

  1. Never run/bike/walk in the middle of the road – allow space for others to pass you
  2. Try not to run/bike/walk haphazardly all over the path (thereby also not allowing others to pass you)
  3. Dogs should be on leashes – I don’t care how adorable your pet is, I don’t know them.
  4. Be mindful of your baby stroller/bike trailer/wagon – they have a tendency to run into unsuspecting victims
  5. Look both ways before entering/leaving the path – you never know who’s trying to pick up some speed
  6. I’m sorry bikers, but you aren’t the kings and queens of the space, try not to be divas about it (full update to come on this later)
  7. Large groups should try their best to separate into smaller packs – it’s very hard to move out of the way for a five person across line
  8. And of course, just be courteous to your fellow path-goers!

While this is definitely not an exhaustive list, I think it would do wonders for the overall experience of paths. Let me know if you have any other rules of the road!  As always, run on runners.


New City, New Paths

Moving to LA has made for some interesting running experiences.  This is due mainly to the fact that the area I live in doesn’t have much in the way of foot traffic on the sidewalks.  For a city that is as health conscious as LA, its amazing the lack of walking around here.  Combine this with my awful directional skills, and my routes thus far have been a little convoluted.  Not going to lie though, getting lost is doing wonders for my training! Having to add in an extra half mile because I got off course is the perfect way to amp up my runs.

On my most recent routes I’ve been doubling as tourist and taking some shots of the scenery along the way.  Below is from my latest run along a canal that runs behind my house all the way to the shoreline.  Random art on the underpass, LMU campus and sharing the path with my fellow bikers definitely made for a fabulous trek.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Where are your latest runs taking you?  As always, run on runners.


Running Motivation

Let’s face it, we all have our running doubts every now and then.  For me, getting back into the swing of my running routine is definitely a motivational battle. (and reminds me why I should never stop training!) But I try to follow the philosophy of one of my favorite characters, Barney Stinson: “When I feel bad, I stop feeling sad and be awesome instead”

So, if you ever need a little pick-me-up, check out my pinterest board which is chock full of the running motivation you need! My motivational board.

Run on runners.