Race Review: Living Social Glow-in-the-Dark 5k

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I’m really excited to see all of these fun 5k events popping up. People who aren’t runners can get into it without feeling pressured to compete and possibly find a fun new (healthy!) hobby.  However, even though this event was considered a ‘fun run’ there were far too many issues with it in my book to be considered a success (sorry Living Social).

One of my running buddies and I decided to enter this as a fun, easy run. Glow sticks? Beer? An end of run concert? We thought, sign us up! From the moment we showed up though, it was clear that this event wasn’t well put together.

First, we  couldn’t find the sign in tent. We ran around (we were a tad late) and finally located an unmarked pop up tent that was handing out shirts + bags. After collecting our glow sticks, we then ran back to the start line, fully expecting to have to jog right through the start. But we waited, and waited. And finally the race started 45 minutes after scheduled.

Living Social Glow-in-the-dark 5k

The race started late, and even though kind of a bummer, not the end of the world.  All of the glow sticks + loud music were getting us hyped up so we ran out of the start line and began our trek. Not five minutes into our run though, we realize that the course is barely lit and is not only on un-even ground, but there are obstacles (literally speed bumps, rocks, curbs etc) that we have to dodge as they appear.  Not cool Living Social, I have zero time for a sprained ankle.

But, we keep going, we’re here and there’s beer + music at the end. We keep running and finally find the only water station at 2.9 miles in.  After kicking up dust, our tiny dixie cups are a welcome gesture, but a little useless that late in the run.  The finish line appears and we head on over to toast our success at the beer tent.  Walking up to the counter, we are then informed that the beer we were told was free as part of the event is actually $7 and they are even charging us $3 for water. No beer, and no water…total bummer.

Once more people started crossing the finish line, realizing the beer + water wasn’t free, and began to depart (the dance party wasn’t exactly rockin when people realized what the deal was) we decided to call it a night ourselves. Overall, completely unimpressed + would not recommend this run to even beginners trying out a fun running event.

And so ends my rant of the underwhelming glow-in-the-dark 5k. As always, run on (but maybe not at a living social event) runners.

– Kendall


2 thoughts on “Race Review: Living Social Glow-in-the-Dark 5k

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. After a few failed events, my husband and I have pretty much sworn off all Living Social events. They are either 1) totally overcrowded/oversold; 2) not as advertised (as was your experience); or 3) some idiot in the group ruins the fun for everyone by making a spectacle. A glow in the dark 5K sounds like a ton of fun though…hopefully they will have a better organized event in your area soon!

    • Bummer to hear you had the same problems! Hoping to find some more glow in the dark events in future that are a little more organized, it’s a great idea, just needs to be better executed.

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