A newbie yogi

I’ll admit it, I’m starting to fit into the California stereotype: endless coffee runs, more vegetarian meals in my diet, and of course,  starting yoga classes.  For the past few weeks on Sunday mornings, I’ve grabbed my bright purple yoga mat and rocked a neon headband over to my new form of cross-training. I found this adorable little yoga spot in Venice Beach, aptly named the Yoga Nest, to be my homebase for yoga instruction.

Yoga Nest decribes itself as “locally grown” which quite honestly, is the only way you could describe this place.  It’s a small studio above a surf shop right off the beach with a a very local low-key vibe.  The studio itself is tastefully simple with a few of your typical yoga decor pieces thrown in – but nothing too flashy or over the top.  They have all the equipment you could possibly need (including freshly laundered towels!) which for a newbie like me, has been super helpful.  Who knew there could be some many props!?  Needless to say, I’ve needed some serious direction in classes.

The instructors I’ve met thus far have added their own little flair to the Vinyasa style yoga that I’ve been attempting.  Yoga Nest offers a bunch of different types, but I figure I’ll conquer one before branching out.  And seriously folks, I’m not half bad! I’m still only a few classes in, so we’ll see how this progresses, but so far it’s been really beneficial in terms of helping me with my breathing and stretching out after a long week of runs.  All, of course, while working up a good sweat.

Any other runners using yoga as part of their training?  As always, run on runners.




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