New City, New Paths

Moving to LA has made for some interesting running experiences.  This is due mainly to the fact that the area I live in doesn’t have much in the way of foot traffic on the sidewalks.  For a city that is as health conscious as LA, its amazing the lack of walking around here.  Combine this with my awful directional skills, and my routes thus far have been a little convoluted.  Not going to lie though, getting lost is doing wonders for my training! Having to add in an extra half mile because I got off course is the perfect way to amp up my runs.

On my most recent routes I’ve been doubling as tourist and taking some shots of the scenery along the way.  Below is from my latest run along a canal that runs behind my house all the way to the shoreline.  Random art on the underpass, LMU campus and sharing the path with my fellow bikers definitely made for a fabulous trek.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Where are your latest runs taking you?  As always, run on runners.



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