…And we’re back!

Well runners, we’re back on schedule. Finally.

A few things that have caused this massive delay:

  • I graduated from college
  • Moved to NYC & started a full time job
  • Commuting ate up my running time (which is a terrible excuse)
  • Got a new job offer & moved to Los Angeles

So now, coming to you live from both LA and NYC!  The BylMiles team is officially coast-to-coast, so get ready for some interesting contrasts in terms of training/running/races.  My new job means I’ve finally gotten back on track, so looking forward to logging some more miles with you all.  The other half of this duo has kept up his end of training, so I’ve got to seriously get back in gear and ready for our marathon part two.  You may notice the countdown on our newly designed page (that yellow was getting hard to look at) that showcases our next big race, the Marine Corps Marathon!

I would like to officially apologize for our lack of posts, but not to be overly punny, the BylMiles team is back up and running!  Look out for more updates to come.

As always, keep running runners!



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