The Ultra Pioneers

In this modern-day of ultra events-deserts, mountains, north/south poles, we tend to forget the pioneers of the sport. At the turn of the last century there was a small but active crowd of ultra runners doing their thing in different spots around the world. Here is an entertaining article about one runner, Peter Gavuzzi, born in Liverpool, England to an Italian father and French mother. Fortunately records still exist about a runner whose exploits have been long since forgotten:

Happy Hoofing



2 thoughts on “The Ultra Pioneers

  1. This is my grandfather he was born in London please amend your story,if you want to know more read mark whittakers book “running for your life”

    • Hi Guy,

      Yes, the article was written by your grandfather, but we were referencing the man he wrote about. Your grandfather certainly wrote a great story, hence our link to the article! Thanks for the comment.

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