A Run in the Rain

There is absolutely nothing in the world like a good run in the rain.  Sure, it’s cold, wet and your toes aren’t very happy right now, but for me, running in the rain is somehow empowering.   I’m counting down the minutes until I can put my shoes on and splash through some puddles, and feel pretty much awesome.

Imagine it like an intense scene in a movie.  There you are, epic music playing loudly in the background (or your headphones, whatever), running as hard as you can through the pouring rain.  Your soaked to the bone but absolutely kicking that storms butt.

My fellow runners, spring time may be full of those April showers, but let’s get out there and splash our way to victory.  Rain can be somewhat of a downer, and make most people want to run for cover, but I promise when you get back from that daring dash through the downpour, you are going to feel like a rockstar.

As always, run on runners!



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