Hello Mr. off day!

How nice to look forward to an off day tomorrow, knowing things will get a much-needed rest. After a layoff in January and much of February, I’m back in training mode again as the Leatherman’s loop is next month and first 50K trail run in May.

I hit it hard this week, two sets of back-to-back days on my feet, with two swim days in between. It’s been a while since I went six days in a row, and so tomorrow is more important than ever. Mostly feeling it in the lower abdomen, partly due to my comeback from hernia surgery.

I have found that coming back from the layoff, in a measured approach, has really been a good experience. Now a mini-version of that for tomorrow before continuing training next week. It’s good to be kind to the body during training with an off day, as we tend to push things during training. Muscles, tendons, joints and all moving parts work better in the long run when given regular rests in between training sets.

So, hello Mr. Day off! I look forward to your company.

Good hoofing, Michael


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