Reston 10 Miler Review

It’s been a while since my last race, but the Reston 10 miler turned out to be exactly what I needed to get a jump on the season.  I’m not going to lie, I definitely didn’t train hard enough for this race, but crossed the finish line in a respectable time with a smile on my face, and to me, that’s all that matters.

Overall, the race was very well organized, a good solid course and of course, tons of fun!  The course was set up as a figure eight loop around the local high school, which is where the race started and finished.  Water at miles 3, 6 (gatorade here too!), and 8 and plenty of policemen and volunteers to direct you along the way.  In all the road races I’ve done, this was the first where there were traffic cones that you had to run inside of in order to stay out of traffic’s way.  At times, it was a little disconcerting when a car zoomed by, but as I said, the volunteers and policemen helped keep everybody safe and moving.

The majority of the run was through local neighborhoods, and some of the residents even came out to cheer us on, but this was definitely not a spectator race.  Even the start line was really understated, my fellow running buddy and I almost missed it, because there was no signage, only a wire across the ground.  Crossing the finish line on the high school track was great though, because everyone was congregated on the bleachers eating snacks and cheering the finishers on.  Mad props to the finish line volunteers, this race had one of the best spreads of post-run snacks I’ve ever seen.  If nothing else, run this race for the sweet snacks and the awesome Nike dri-fit shirts that we got for registering.

On the whole, a thumbs up for the Reston 10 miler, I would definitely recommend the race to my fellow runners!  Until next time, as always, run on runners!



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