A Thank You Note to Drivers

After almost being run over this morning by a driver who wasn’t paying attention to me in the crosswalk, I realized how little appreciation we give to the drivers who actually watch out for runners.  So, here’s to all of the drivers on the streets who stop for runners in crosswalks and wait until they are safely on the sidewalk again to continue on their way.  My small hand wave really doesn’t convey my full appreciation for your consideration.  Your stopped car is a welcome sight after many a crosswalk has been taken over by cars in a hurry to get to their destinations.

Truck drivers, this applies to you too.  Your gigantic vehicle is always a little more nerve wracking for me to run in front of, and I appreciate you watching and waiting for me to make it safely to the other side.  The road can sometimes feel like a giant game of frogger, and the patience you drivers have helps to calm my fears.  And let’s not forget the motorcyclists, who I think understand the fear of being squashed by a moving machine, thank you also for stopping and waiting.

I understand that all of you have places to go and people to meet, and those few seconds you take to stop and wait mean that I can also continue on my way.  So thanks, to all of the drivers who stop and wave me on after a whole motorcade has ignored me on the sidewalk.



2 thoughts on “A Thank You Note to Drivers

  1. Totally relate! When I’m driving and see a runner, I make sure to give them extra room because I know how much I’d appreciate it if our roles were reversed.

    Hope cars out there will show me the same courtesy on my run tonight after work!

    • Same! After I got into the running groove, I’ve become much more conscious of runners when I drive. I’m even that back seat driver that yells at other drivers to be more careful! Enjoy your run tonight!

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