Back in the saddle again

Greetings: After a hiatus from hoofing, which was spurred by two weeks of sickness, followed by surgery, I am once again back putting one foot in front of the other. What a great feeling to get going again.

As a runner who likes the cold weather, it has been difficult to stay indoors. But first a bout of bronchitis put me down for nearly ten days. Following on that I was diagnosed with a hernia. So off to the doctor I went and had the surgery two weeks ago. Last week the all clear sign was given, and I’m in the process of easing back into things.

One thing the layoff has done is made me appreciate my fitness and overall ability to exercise. Not to sound too melancholy, but sometimes I found myself taking for granted all my workouts. No doubt I’m blessed to be able to train on a regular basis.

So, back on the trails, road, bike and into the pool for me. My first event is a charity half marathon on March 21. April brings the Leatherman’s Loop and then in May the North Face Challenge 50K trail run. But first, I’m taking it easy on the road back. Nothing works when injured, so one step at a time…



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