Sorry for the lag!

Hello fellow runners, I first want to apologize for our lapse in posts.  What with moving back down to DC after winter break and of course a slacking spell, the blog posts have been hard to come by.  But, as with my training, we’re back on track!

What’s up next on my calendar? The Reston 10 Miler in March.  Is anyone else in the DC area going to join me?  I’m planning on running with one of my favorite running buddies, Emily, and she and I have realized we need to kick ourselves into gear.  With the cold weather and the harsh wind, though, I’m currently working on some tactics to stay warm during my training and the race itself.

Here’s one quick tip for training during the winter months: don’t run first thing in the morning.  While most of us might be used to getting up and going on our routine run, it’s also one of the coldest times during the day to go.  The ground is still very hard from a long cold night, and the sun hasn’t had time to warm the air yet.  If possible, try to move around your schedule and run later on in the day when the earth has had a little time to thaw.

While I kick my training back into gear, run on runners, and stay warm!



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