House Calls 2011

The weather was cooperative as I stepped off from the Ridgefield Playhouse steps at 8:00 am on December 17 for the second installment of House Calls. Cool, mid-40’s and dry, all making for ideal marathon conditions.  No worries about having to add or discard layers or hydration issues, all was much like a regular training run.

So why run a solo marathon?  While organized events are really great, with all their infrastructure, support and party atmosphere, there is certainly something satisfying in simplifying things and going it alone.  And making it a fundraiser gives it a real sense of purpose. It provided an ideal opportunity to combine my passion for endurance events with my two philanthropies, Amos House and the Ridgefield Playhouse.

The first twelve miles took me up to Danbury and the steps of Amos House.  There I was met by three fellow runners, who ran the four-mile loop up to the Jericho Partnership (major supporter of Amos House) and back, and then wished me well as I re-traced my tracks back to the Playhouse and the finish line.  No banners, finish tape or music, just me running up to the steps and symbolically touching them to complete the loop.

As solo runners know, much goes through your mind on the road or trail, and I spent much of my mental capital on the two charities and all the great things they do for so many people.  It really allowed me to honor them and the great individuals who both volunteer and work as staff members in order to make the organizations all they can be.  I am certainly blessed to be able to serve both groups.



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