The Runners Resolution

2012 is practically here, and you know what that means, News Years Resolutions! But let’s be honest, those usually last all of three weeks? Maybe into February if your lucky.  The majority of us start out the new year with big plans like losing weight, starting a journal, or working harder, but this year I have a better idea.  Instead of my regular resolution (that more often than not falls through) I’m making a Runner Resolution.

Sure, its basically the same thing as a New Year’s resolution, but my Runner Resoluation is going to be the backbone of my motivation for my 2012 training schedule.  And its going to be simple: be a better runner by December 2012.  I’m going to focus on specifics throughout the year of how that plays out, but for right now, I’m just going to publicly declare that I will be a better runner by 2012.  Here’s my theory behind it:

  1. My Runners Resolution is very attainable. Even if I only improve slightly, I will still have accomplished my goal, which makes it seem all the less intimidating. (and all the more do-able!)
  2. I am publicly announcing my resolution.  People who publicize their goals are much more likely to attain them, because let’s face it, you want to prove to everyone that you can do it. Plus, all that support is going to push you through the rough patches.
  3. My resolution can take on many different forms.  Whether I improve my stride, my mile time, my distance, or maybe even move into my dad’s world of trail running, I will be taking steps to accomplishing my goal.  Depending on what I want to work on, I can get it done!

So, while your thinking about what you are going to be resolving to accomplish in 2012, consider my Runner Resolution. Every runner can benefit from striving to be better (its a pretty universal goal really), so why not strive together?  Happy New Years my fellow runners, let’s stride it out!



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