A Salute to My Fellow Backpackers

Here’s to you backpackers. We run with our camelbacks/backpacks proudly. Forget this fru-fru fanny pack business, we went straight for the big guns.  We’re always prepared, guaranteed.  Whether you need extra gummy chews, hydration or layers, find a backpacker, I’m sure they have what you need. Oh, and don’t forget to thank them for being more put together than you are.

Running with just a water bottle?  The intensity of a backpack was clearly too much for you.  It’s ok, not everyone can rock a backpack in style.  You’ll join our elite ranks soon, I’m sure.  There comes a time in every runners life that they realize they need more stuff while out on a run, and voila, another backpacker is born.

I see you’re wearing the newly popular belt gadget. You’re just kidding yourself really, it’s a backpack in disguise.  Just like the water bottle or minimal gear runners, I’m sure we’ll see you in the backpack club soon, I’ll try and hold back my “I told you so”.

Sure we take on an extra bit of weight on our runs, but you bet it pays off. We’re always prepared, no matter what.  So cheers to my fellow backpackers, I always enjoy meeting you on my runs! Run on.



2 thoughts on “A Salute to My Fellow Backpackers

    • I am currently using a camelback backpack, you can find them at most sporting goods stores. I absolutely love it because it’s small, lightweight and still has the space I need (not to mention the water pack!).

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