Asthma? No Problem.

For years and years I fought the running scene with the excuse of sports induced asthma.  Whenever I ran I found myself completely out of air before my legs had even begun to hurt, so I focused on sports that didn’t involve too much of the stuff.  Since then I’ve learned how to deal with the whole out-of-breath thing, so here are some tips for my fellow asthma kids.

  • Make sure you’ve always got your inhaler with you on runs.  I’ve tried  using my inhaler before and after my run, but nothing helps get you sucking in air again like a quick inhaler break during your run. I leave one in my running backpack to make sure I’m always prepared for those random attacks.
  • Drink lots of water during your run. I’ve found that the more hydrated I am, the less likely I am to get an asthma attack during my run.  Just quick little sips every now and then keeps the throat closing away.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break if you need to.  Pushing through an asthma attack can sometimes be like trying to push through a brick wall.  Take a minute to walk, slow down your breathing and get back to a regular pace before you continue your run. Your body will eventually be able to push through these, but during your training its not worth the added stress to your body.
  • Be consistent with your training.  Like your leg muscles, your breathing will get better with consistent training and practice, so be sure to keep on a regular schedule.  The weeks I’ve missed runs I’ve found that I notice heavier breathing more than the legwork.

Sports induced asthma isn’t exactly ideal for runners, but you can absolutely train yourself to deal with it.  Find a training pattern that works for you and helps  train your lungs to keep up with your legs.  Run it out, guaranteed you’ll get to the point where you forget you even had sports induced asthma in the first place! My fellow asthma friends, we got this!



7 thoughts on “Asthma? No Problem.

  1. Something useful I discovered from my (limited) experience: take the cap off your asthma inhaler before you start to run! It’s tough to run while fumbling with that damn thing. I’ve almost been mowed down in the process. Also, it’s almost impossible in gloves. 🙂

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