The Result of a Running Brainstorm

Out on my run this afternoon I went into serious brainstorming mode (as I sometimes have been known to do) and realized, why on earth am I not documenting all of my running progress?  My dad inspired me to start running last fall, and since then I have been bit by the running bug.  So, welcome to a blog that is going to chronicle Team Byl’s progress as we try and tackle this sport called running.

Here’s how this is going to work.  My dad, Michael, and I are going to keep you updated on our running musings, training tips, gear reviews, and definitely our mileage.  My running point of view is of a college girl who used to hate running, might have sports induced asthma, and is definitely a competitive type-A personality.  My dad, affectionately referred to as “Mile Man” has always been an athletic type, and puts me to shame with his training.  A once-wall-street 50 something, he’s racking up the miles and the source of my inspiration, but I’ll let him introduce himself officially.

So, officially welcome to the blog of the Byl running team.

P.S. We always love comments, so feel free to reply!


3 thoughts on “The Result of a Running Brainstorm

  1. Way to go Kendall! I hope to continue running with your dad and might even provide some comic relief for your blog on trail running wipe outs, getting lost, getting old, etc.. Glad you two can share the sport of running and wish you many miles together!

    • Thanks Mr. Roth! We would absolutely LOVE to have you on as our comic relief! Rumor has it you are quite the photo guy on the trails, be sure to catch my dad doing some ridiculous stuff 🙂 Definitely looking forward to many more miles to come!

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